About Us

About Us 

Company Name: Sekaie Inc.

Ri 86-3 Hamamachi, Nomi 

Ishikawa Japan 929-0124

Telephone: +81  9013928053
Home Page: www.japanny.com
Photo of Sekaie CEO and founder of Japanny, Atsuhiro Nakamura

CEO: Atsuhiro Nakamura, (Hiro)                                               

Japanny.com is dedicated and proud to promote the traditional and high spec handmade Japanese kitchen knives to the world. Design, Blade, Sharpness - various types for various purposes have been inherited for over 600 years, and craftsmen put more effort into creating knives to meet the high demand we have today.


Connecting to Wa (Wa – Japan/Japanese)

Japan has many traditions and across the country they are practiced to this day -  it is not exaggeration to say that Japan is one of the most tradition rich countries in the world.  However, today, in some respects, such as foods and technology, these traditions have been westernized. In many areas, like technology, medical, clothing, foods, housing, people have researched and developed them to match with the western style.

Around the world, this environment has stimulated a love for the Japanese culture and tradition of Wa Bocho ( (Wa) = Japanese, ‘(Hocho/Bocho) = Knife). Yes, Japanese Knives. Japanese Knives were manufactured by Japanese people when there were no computers, Internet, or machinery, and were inherited by generation after generation. There is a reason why this tradition is still desired and in high demand. Nowadays, everything has been mechanized, yet, no one can manufacture better knives than Japanese Knives. The style, sharpness, beauty, and size - which were created by Japanese craftsman several hundred years ago - are distinguished. It is evident that each craftsman’s soul is in each knife. 

And what's more, this is well known and understood by people worldwide. Thanks to high speed Internet, mobile devices, and social media, people are closely connected today, and the concept of Wa can broaden even faster. We would like to broaden the connection of Wa through Japanese knives to the people - those who appreciate and love Japanese Knives -  and we deeply hope that the craftsman’s Wa shall grow and be inherited by the generations to come. We are proud in sparing no effort to support this. 

 -”Wa of Japanese Knives” and rapid progress of “Wa of Japanese Knives” 


Japanese knife craftsmen of Takefu, Japan

Photo of several bladesmiths and knife makers from Takefu, Japan lined up and posing for the camera.