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If you're passionate about cooking and want to make it your career, you know that having the right knife is essential. Get to know these culinary icons and learn more about what it takes to be a pro in the kitchen.

Chef / Filmmaker / Activist

Tu David Phu

Top Chef alumnus & Emmy Award-nominated chef and activist bringing his personal experiences growing up in Oakland, CA to Vietnamese cuisine.

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Michellin Star Sous Chef

Tetsuro Maeda

Sous chef at world renowned Spanish restaurant, Asador Etxebarri in Atxondo, Spain.

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Chef / Restaurant Owner

Mutsuko Soma

Founder & head chef of Kamonegi, a James Beard-nominated purveyor of fresh soba named best Seattle, WA restaurant in 2018.

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Chef / Restaurant Owner

Carlo Lamagna

Founder & head chef of James Beard-nominated Magna Kusina, bringing modern Pilipino food to Portland, OR.

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Executive Chef

Zarah Khan

Former executive chef at Botanica in Los Angeles, now leading the kitchen at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, CA.

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Chef / Restaurateur

Eric Silverstein

Executive chef & founder of The Peached Tortilla, serving Asian comfort with a southern twist in Austin, TX.

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Thank you Chefs

We count ourselves lucky to partner with such amazing people. Your feedback and support means so much to us, and especially the knife makers.

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