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You can learn more about the world of SUSHI in the video and learn how to teach it! Special Lecture You can learn the knowledge of cooking hygiene and the system of how to acquire instruction through videos. How to prepare a sushi dane sushi rice sushi dane

 We explain in detail how to handle different fish and how to prepare them. (Salmon, tuna, zuke, mackerel, horse mackerel, yellowfin tuna, bonito, sea bream, flatfish, squid, conger eel, Japanese halfbeak, shrimp, clam, red clam, and blue clam)

Preparing Sashimi How to hold a knife to make a decorative bamboo grass and a partition bamboo grass, and how to peel the laurel from the bamboo. (bamboo cutter, tsuma)

How to cut sashimi A different way of cutting sashimi for each fish, and a different way of preparing it for each purpose. (Usuzukuri, Sogizukuri, Hiki-zukuri, Hira-zukuri)

How to Make Sushi The basics of nigiri and nori rolls and how to make them. The supporting actors of sushi Knowledge of the preparation and use of key ingredients essential to sushi. This includes the following: Japanese omelet, soboro, kampyo, wasabi, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso.

More than a tool

A knife is a piece of art that a craftsman puts their heart & soul into.