Hasegawa Cutting Board LIFTER(FLF45-300)

$99.00 USD

Cutting Board LIFTER are tools that lift cutting boards up from a cooking table by putting underneath the cutting boards. It is very hygienic for cutting boards not to have direct contact to a cooking table.
 It also comes with 5 different heights to cater ergonomic comforts. (It can vary among individual.) Furthermore, the elevated position of cutting boards enables better efficiency to delicate cuttings. The wet-proof grip mats are mounted to hold cutting boards in place.


Main Body: Polyethylene 
Anti-Slip: Elastomer
Length300mm (11.8inch )
Height: 45mm (1.8inch)
Width: 50mm (2.0inch)
Corresponding Board Size - Width : 300-380mm (11.8 - 15.3inch )
Weight: 840g (0.92lbs)


More than a tool

A knife is a piece of art that a craftsman puts their heart & soul into.