Cutting board (Sword)

$49.00 USD

Dimension: 330 x 210 x 12mm
Weight: 787g
Material: Polyethylene
Heat Proof Temperature: -30〜80℃ 

  1. Do not expose to temperatures of 80ºC (175ºF) or above. Do not place near an open flame. Do not place a hot pan on the surface of the cutting board this can cause the board to melt.
  2. Do not Soak in hot or boiling water, this will soften and deform the cutting board.
  3. For cleaning and sanitizing purposes, regularly (once a week) wash with detergent and use a sanitizing solution such as bleach to disinfect the surface. If there are any stains or discolorations on the surface of the board, using bleach will help to remove these.

*If there is a residual chemical smell, be sure to rinse thoroughly before use. Allowing the board to air dry for 2-3 hours will help to eliminate any residual odor.

  1. Do not use a dishwasher with this item. The high temperature will weaken the structure of the board and may cause warping. Do not expose to temperatures of 70ºC(165ºF) or above for periods of 10 min or more.
  2. Do not expose to UV light for long periods of time. Leaving the cutting board in the sun for long periods of time will cause the board to harden and become brittle.  (It is not recommended to use UV sterilizer with this product)

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