Lobster GC3 Red (ff400) Fine Sharpening Stone - #400

$99.00 USD

Naniwa manufactures superb Japanese waterstones intended to sharpen knives. What makes these waterstones unique is that they don’t require soaking prior sharpening, unlike the conventional Japanese waterstones. Just sprinkle a little water to the surface and you’re ready to sharpen!


Japan made Naniwa stones are consistently graded, from their #220 grit to #12,000 grit stones and work with hard steels like A2 or D2 as well as other stainless alloys. Naniwa stones are resin-bond made. Resin-bond allows higher level of roughness resulting to quick sharpening and does not need soaking.     


We highly recommend these waterstones from Naniwa!    


Brand: Lobster 
Size: 205 x 75 x 50mm 

Use & Precaution 

This stone does not require soaking. Sprinkle a little water only when sharpening. As a general rule, never soak stones with #3000 grits and higher in water. After use, let the stone dry thoroughly. Returning a stone into its box while still wet or damp will result in molding and might decrease in quality. 

It usually takes 1 –2 weeks for us to restock should this item is not available.

More than a tool

A knife is a piece of art that a craftsman puts their heart & soul into.